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Discover How To Fund Your Future

20 Million Plus.... People Get Government Money Every Year.

1,000,000............. Entrepreneurs get money to start or expand a business.

4,000,000............. Get money to invest in real estate.

6,000,000............. Get money to go to college.

10,000,000........... Get free help and training for a better job.

Private Foundation Grants

Foundations must by law give away at least 5% of itís total assets every year, to keep their tax-exemption status.

Foundations and Agencies are dedicated to providing a common good for society by helping businesses and individuals with GOVERNMENT GRANT MONEY! Itís up to the individual foundation and agency on how they distribute their funds, some just give to businesses and otherís give money for everyday  expenses.

Government Grant Programs

Everyday the Government gives grants to businesses, students, men, women, children, minorities and more. Ranging from large corporate bail outís to helping people start their own business, go to college and more.

State Grant Programs

All 50 states are a major source of financial assistance to small businesses and educational programs.  Money for businesses to purchase buildings, land, equipment and more.

Donít be afraid to ask for some of your money back!

What Kind Of Grant's Are Given?

Business Grants:

To start a new business or expand an existing one, equipment financing, acquisition of a new or existing business, rent, salaries, office expenses, overhead. There are many programs to help women start their own businesses. Remember, this is free money that never has to be paid back. You can use this money to pay yourself a salary as you start your new business.

If only more people new about these giant Government and Foundation Giveaways the country would experience phenomenal growth by circulating this money back into the system.

Personal Grants:

Help to buy a new home for low income families, real estate ventures, repair your home, academic tutoring, school supplies, housing assistance, legal services, summer camp, music lessons, art lessons, any extracurricular activities and tax assistance. If you suffered a fire lose there are programs available to help you in replacing necessities.

Education Grants:

Preschool for children and nursery school education, private, primary and secondary schools, men and women to further their education, scholarships for athleteís, business management, engineering, computer science, medical school, undergraduate, graduate, professional and foreign studies and many more.

Available now you have the opportunity to expand your visions into reality and pursue your business ventures or secure your personal financial situation. Small Businesses are the fiber that keeps this country strong. This is why the Government and Foundations offer start-up capital, expansion capital, rent and other overhead expenses to you.

If youíre an American citizen or resident, you are entitled to apply for free grant money ranging from $500.00 to $250,000.00 or more. If you are African American you have already qualified for 15 programs, being Hispanic, you qualify for many programs. Being a Christian will get you into 20 programs, there are also many other programs available for different faiths, Jewish, Catholic. Not having any money, will get you over 30 programs, 550 programs if you are unemployed, or underemployed. The list and sources are endless.

You Are Eligible! This money will be yours to keep Absolutely Free, for any worthwhile purpose. And which will never have to be paid back.

Here Is An Example of Information Provided In This Grant Program

You must learn first how to write a letter of proposal, which we explain in step by step detail.  A properly written proposal can greatly improve your chances on getting your grant money. This is why we've put together a virtually bullet proof proposal writing program, which explains in great detail, exactly how to present your proposal to the grant administrator, valuable tricks of the trade of what to use in your proposal, plus insight on why proposal's fail.

And you will be provided with The Most Up To Date Information Available!
This Grant Program provides you with the Foundation Name, Address, Phone number, Direct Internet Links, Downloadable Application, Contact Person and a description on what that Foundation or Private Agency provides grants and loans for.

Did You Know You Can Apply For As Many Grants As You Want!

For example, you could get a $25,000 grant to open up a day-care center, you've always dreamed of owning. And then, go out and apply for a grant to buy a home for you and your family. And then, when your business does well you could go out and get a grant for expansion of your business. The possibilities are endless, with the help of Government and Private Foundations.

Generally, grants range from $500.00 to $50,000.00 but in some cases grants have been awarded up to $5,000,000.00.

Just pick the program and/or programs that fit your purpose and you will be on your way to receiving the cash you need.

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